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The oil and gas industry is vital to Louisiana’s economy. The industry employs hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents, accounts for more than 10 percent of the state’s total earnings, pays over a billion dollars in state taxes and fees, and has created more jobs in Louisiana than any other sector.

As a Louisiana energy lawyer, I understand the oil and gas business. I’ve litigated a broad spectrum of disputes involving oil and gas companies, pipeline companies, and oil and gas service companies. I have experience defending major oil companies and smaller energy companies in lawsuits alleging millions of dollars in property damage caused by historic oil and gas exploration and production operations. In addition to my experience with legacy oilfield litigation, I have also litigated claims brought against energy companies alleging catastrophic personal injury, environmental contamination, marsh erosion, and breach of joint operating agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and right-of-way agreements.

I likewise have experience advising oil and gas clients on the interpretation of mineral leases, surface leases, purchase and sale agreements, joint operating agreements, right-of-way agreements, and indemnity agreements. In many instances, advice on the front-end can avoid costly and time-consuming litigation on the back-end.

In addition to my law practice, I’ve also spoken on oil and gas issues and taught a course on oil and gas law at Vanderbilt University Law School.

My goal with my oil and gas practice is simple: to make sure that my clients understand their rights and are able to protect themselves so that they can continue to profitably operate.

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