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Suffering property damage can be devastating for property owners. Few losses compare to coming home to a house that has been destroyed by a hurricane or flood.  The fear of being able to pay for the loss is only one part of the loss, as the emotional toll is equally devastating.  On the other hand, being unjustly accused of causing property damage can be just as hard because of the legal costs and potential repair costs associated with facing a property loss claim.

As a Louisiana property lawyer, I spent years defending oil and gas companies and other businesses in countless lawsuits claiming environmental contamination and property damage. These cases frequently involved millions of dollars in damages. The invaluable experience that I gained defending property damage claims allows me to fully appreciate the needs of the different sides involved in property damage disputes and to efficiently litigate the different types of property damage claims that you may be facing.

Property damage claims also usually involve insurance coverage disputes. Despite the fact that property owners maintain insurance coverage and pay their premiums on time every month, insurance companies regularly deny coverage or try to marginalize the amount of damage.  Many people in Louisiana had to fight for years to get fairly compensated for their losses from Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, and Hurricane Isaac.

Whatever type of claim you’re facing, as a New Orleans property damage attorney, my goal is to make sure that insurance adjusters treat you fairly and compensate you for your losses.

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