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In our legal system, people accused of crimes are  innocent until proven guilty.  This guarantees that everyone is treated fairly and given their day in court. However, this  does nothing to change the impact that facing criminal charges has on the lives of people accused and their families.

There is a fear of going to jail, losing your job, and missing out on everything you enjoy in your life. If you’ve been accused of a crime, you just want to put an end to the stress of criminal charges so they can move forward with your life.

I know what clients want in a New Orleans criminal defense attorney and have structured my law firm to provide them with the quality representation they deserve.  Being accused of a crime can make you feel isolated, so I make every effort to let my clients know that they’re not alone.  I take fewer cases so I can dedicate more of my time and resources to giving you the best representation possible. You will always speak with me if they have questions, and I will be there with you every step of the way through your case.

I have experience representing people accused of violent, drug, and white-collar crimes.  I have also represented clients who were the targets of criminal investigations.  Much of my experience was gained working under a current federal district court judge and current United States Attorney.  I formed The Mahone Firm to offer this experience to my clients.

I know that criminal cases can drag on for far too long. This is especially true in New Orleans, where cases can sit for years. My goal is to move your case quickly so you can put it behind you. I know that the last thing that you want is for the case to affect your life any longer than it must.

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