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In addition to biking for recreation, many people in New Orleans ride their bikes as their primary means of transportation. To make cycling easier and safer, millions of dollars have been spent in the past few years to install and maintain the 37 miles of bike lanes around the city.

In addition to bike lanes, Louisiana law protects cyclists when they are on the road. In particular, the Colin Goodier Protection Act (La. Rev. Stat. 32:76.1) – passed in 2009 after the tragic death of Dr. Colin Goodier – requires motorists to leave three feet between their vehicles and bike riders when passing and to maintain that distance until they are safely past the bike riders.  The Act also forbids motorists from passing bike riders in no-passing zones only when it is safe to do so.

Motorists are also prohibited from driving in bike lanes, except in very limited circumstances. Violation of these and other traffic laws can be strong evidence of negligence and often means the driver should be held liable for the bicyclist’s injuries. If you’re in this situation call a New Orleans bicycle accident lawyer immediately.

But even with the new bike lanes and laws, people are still injured while riding their bikes far too often. Injuries happen when vehicle drivers aren’t paying attention to bike riders, driving irresponsibly, or ignoring the laws that protect cyclists from accidents. Whatever the cause, bike injuries can be severe. The Mahone Firm can help if you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident.

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