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In addition to the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, the general maritime laws provide added protection for men and women who suffer offshore injuries.

For example, an employer owes its maritime employees maintenance and cure if they are injured on the job.  In addition, vessel owners and operators have a duty to provide crew members with a seaworthy vessel. Injuries caused by the failure to do so can lead to claims for unseaworthiness.

Answers to Common Maritime Law Questions:

Maritime law is complicated. You should consult with a Louisiana maritime attorney to discuss your case rather than trying to understand everything on your own. Here are the answers to several commonly asked questions:

1. What Is Maritime Law?

Maritime law is a special body of law that applies to maritime commerce and to vessels.

2. Do Maritime Laws Only Protect Injured Offshore Workers?

No, it is not just offshore workers who are protected by maritime laws. For example, injured Mississippi River workers, injured passengers on vessels and recreational boats can also bring maritime law claims. Not surprisingly, one of the most common type of passenger injury claims are for injuries suffered while onboard a cruise ship.

3. How Long Do I Have to Bring a Maritime Law Claim?

This likely depends on the facts of your particular case because maritime law claims are typically governed by the doctrine of “laches” rather than the more objective statute of limitations. If you have a maritime case, you should consult with a New Orleans maritime attorney immediately so you don’t accidentally wait too long to bring a claim.

4. Where Can I File My Maritime Law Claim?

You can file your maritime law claim in state court or in federal court. But, unlike most other types of personal injury cases, maritime claims can be brought in federal court without considering the citizenship of the parties.

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