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Sadly, workers are unknowingly exposed to toxic substances in the workplace–often by employers who should have known better than to put them in harm’s way. This exposure can and does have debilitating health impacts and, in some instances, can cause death. Toxic exposure victims often remain unaware that they’ve been harmed until many years later, when the health consequences of these toxic substances finally manifest.

Exposure to dangerous substances happens in a variety of occupations and activities, such as pipe-cleaning, boilermaking, shipbuilding, oilfield work, truck driving, and construction. One of the most common forms of exposure is from asbestos: a product that was commonly used in manufacturing. Inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause a variety of terrible diseases, like asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

Radiation exposure is also a risk in heavy industry, and exposure to Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (also called “NORM”) can cause sever illness and sometimes death. Radioactive material is a common byproduct of oil and gas exploration and production. When oil and gas is produced, “scale,” or mineral deposits, accumulate. These deposits can contain large amounts of radioactive materials–and in the process of removing the scale, radiation particles break up and can then be inhaled by workers. This inhalation can cause catastrophic health impacts, such as cancer.

It’s not just workers who are exposed to the risk of toxic exposure. Homeowners and everyday people may be unknowingly exposed to hazardous and toxic substances and not even realize it.

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These are just some examples of the types of chemicals that can lead to devastating harm for unsuspecting workers. Toxic exposure cases are complicated and involve significant scientific and medical issues.  You should speak with an accident lawyer before attempting to dig through all of these issues on your own.

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