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Nothing is worse than losing a loved one. There is nothing whatsoever that can make up for that loss. Making matters so much worse, victims often leave behind family members who depended on them not just for love, but also for financial support. Louisiana’s laws recognize this sad fact and give the relatives of somebody who has lost their life in a tragic accident a way to recover damages for the loss of their loved one. Contact Mahone Firm if you are looking for a New Orleans wrongful death lawyer.

A “wrongful death” lawsuit allows certain family members to sue and be compensated for the injuries they’ve suffered from the passing of a relative. Family members can recover damages for lost financial support, burial expenses, emotional distress, and loss of love and affection. The laws about who can pursue a wrongful death claim can get pretty complicated, but, generally, the spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters or grandparents of the deceased, or the representative of the succession of the deceased may be able to bring the claim.

A wrongful death plaintiff can also bring a “survival” lawsuit to recover the damages that the deceased could have recovered if he or she hadn’t passed away. These losses include things like the victim’s lost wages, pain and suffering and mental anguish after the accident, and medical bills. Survival damages are in many ways the same damages that could be recoverable in a regular personal injury lawsuit.

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