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Scope of Uber Insurance Coverage

Uber is one of the fastest growing companies in America and has revolutionized the transportation industry. In many major cities, Uber has effectively replaced taxis as the primary method of transport. But, with that many drivers on the road, it increases the potential for a car accident involving an Uber operated vehicle. If you do

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Multi-Vehicle Auto Accidents

More often than not, car accidents will involve two cars and only one of the drivers will actually be negligent (ex. a typical rear-end collision). However, there are times where multiple vehicles are involved. These multi-vehicle auto accidents present a number of complicated issues. Understanding Multi-Vehicle Auto Accidents 1. Determining Who Is At Fault The first

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Studies Show Decline in Fatal Truck Accidents

Everywhere you go on the road, you see 18 wheelers, tractor-trailers, and other large commercial trucks. This is especially true when you travel on the interstate for long drives. These vehicles serve an important function but can also be the cause of serious, and at times fatal, accidents. Truck accidents can happen because of distracted

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Traffic Deaths Increase Dramatically in 2015

Everybody knows that getting behind the wheel of a car or truck can be dangerous. Auto accidents happen every day, and sadly, many auto accidents claim innocent lives. While these may be known facts, driving can be a much scarier proposition when you consider recent traffic death statistics. These numbers show that traffic related deaths

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Ruling Says Uber Drivers Are Employees, Not Independent Contractors

Uber has been around for awhile but only recently started offering service in New Orleans. The concept behind Uber is incredibly simple. Drivers, who own their own vehicles, are connected to people needing transportation using the Uber app. The app transfers funds once the ride is completed, and the drivers are paid weekly by Uber.

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Causes of Teen Driving Accidents

It should come as no surprise that teenagers are responsible for the most accidents of any group of drivers on the road. Teenagers have the least driving experience of any category of drivers, so they are typically inexperienced with defensive driving and instinctively avoiding dangerous situations. Significant Numbers of Teen Driving Accidents Nearly one million

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