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Tragic Canal Street Bike Accident Shows Dangers Faced by Cyclists

The life of another New Orleans bicycle rider has been lost to an accident with a vehicle. On Tuesday afternoon, a bike rider was killed when his bike collided with a dump truck near the intersection of Canal and Broad in New Orleans.

According to witnesses, the cyclist was next to the curb and crashed into the side of the dump truck when the truck was making a right-hand turn. The rider was pronounced dead at the scene.

Canal Street Bike Accident Just One of Many

Sadly, this is not the first fatal bicycle accident in the New Orleans area this year and undoubtedly will not be the last. In fact, this is already the fifth fatal bike accident this year.

One would hope that the amount of money spent on making the city safer for bike riders would make a difference. But, even with all of these upgrades, preventing future accidents will ultimately come down to the choices made by cyclists and vehicle operators.

How Can Bike Accidents Be Avoided?

The recent Canal Street bike accident shows just how serious bicycle accidents can be. However, with proper awareness and responsible behavior, there is no reason that future accidents cannot be avoided or at least minimized.

1. Understand and Follow the Louisiana Bicycle Laws

Louisiana has bicycle laws that are designed to protect riders but also to hold them accountable for their behavior. It is important for cyclists and motor vehicle operators to understand that bicycles are treated as vehicles under the law and are generally subject to the same traffic laws. This gives riders a privilege on the roads but also obligates them to operate in a lot of respects like a car or truck. Click here to learn more about the bike laws.

2. Cyclists Should Always Wear Helmets

Countless¬†personal injuries could have been avoided if all cyclists wore helmets. It is a simple thing but wearing a helmet can save your life if you’re involved in a crash on your bike.

3. Be Mindful of Others on the Road

This applies to both bike riders and car and truck drivers. Vehicle operators should always be mindful of bike riders on the road, whether passing them or driving beside them. At the same time, bike riders should be vigilant around cars and trucks and do their best to anticipate turns and other unexpected moves.

Defensive driving by everyone on the road will minimize accidents and make the roadways safer for cyclists and everyone else.



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